Welcome!  To TEXANA Historic Hacienda                       

Built in 1835 when Texas was still part of Mexico, this site was a proposed permanent Capital of the Republic of Texas.

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Lots of new changes:

It is with excitement and anticipation that we announce the launching of TEXANA Historic Hacienda (formerly known as TEXANA Trails & Lodge), with greatly enhanced features, including new services, activities, and accommodation packages; and the addition of a new team of experienced hospitality veterans— all to better make your experience at this beautiful hacienda on the hill, one that you’ll never forget.

Building upon the historic and rustic property that has always provided guests, families, and groups the opportunity to rest, relax and renew their spirit in this precious natural setting, the new TEXANA Historic Hacienda now provides these great lodging/event accommodations and amenities:

  • The 1835 Historic Stone House is now available as a full rental for up to 10 guests or in suite rooms of up to     4-6 guests at a time.  Click on Lodging to find out more.
  • We have expanded our event planning and production services and now include a broad array of choices and options that can be suited to your family or group event. Click on Events to find out more.
  • We can enhance your stay by keeping you entertained with numerous on-site activities and services. Click on Amenities to find out more.
  • We provide discounted rates for those booking extended stays, vacation rentals,  and/or combining their stay  with an event; as well as for returning customers. Click on Special Offers to find out more.
  • COMING SOON! Tour Packages and Excursion Services for exploring Fayette County and the surrounding region.

So please come join us for a unique experience in this beautiful part of South Central Texas— where things move a
little bit slower, the landscape is exquisite, and the only sounds you’ll hear are the cheerful songbirds set against a steady rustling wind.

It's all here waiting for you...